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The idea that butter is bad for you is relatively new. In the past, it was seen as an essential and delicious food, filling and rich in saturated fat, butyrate, and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K2. In the 1950s, though, researchers found a correlation between high daily saturated fat intake and heart disease deaths. What most people don’t know is that the study’s findings were not consistent, and the author of the study cherry-picked the six countries where heart disease deaths rose along with saturat

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Bread Baking 101 for Beginners | The Art of Manliness

Why do you need a scale versus just measuring cups? It’s almost entirely for the flour. When scooping flour out of a bag with a measuring cup, every person doing it (and every time you do it) will garner a scoop with a different density. The flour can get smashed down and then you get more than needed, or it can be a little too fluffy and you’ll have less than desired. In short, the cup of flour in a measuring cup is not always the same one cup of flour called for. With a scale, you’re getting exact amounts in grams. It’s just the better way to go.

Source: Bread Baking 101 for Beginners | The Art of Manliness